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Fitness Center

Fitness Center Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are intended to make the exercise facility ("Fitness Center") at 400-444 North Capitol Street, Washington, D.C. ("Building") as safe, enjoyable and pleasant as possible for all users.

Use. Only those individual tenants or full-time employees of Office tenants in the building who have executed a Waiver of Liability Form may use the Fitness Center. No persons under the age of 18 nor guests are permitted in the Fitness Center. This includes spouses, friends, children, etc. Users shall use the Fitness Center solely for its intended purpose.

Hours of Operation

The Fitness Center hours are as follows:

Every Day: 24 hour service
Closes for cleaning


The minimum attire at the Fitness Center shall be gym shorts, tee shirts and tennis shoes. Any conventional exercise attire is permissible, including leotards, tights, warm-up suits, etc. Sneakers, athletic shoes, dance slippers or similar footwear must be worn at all times. Members of the Fitness Center must wear clean and appropriate attire when in transit to and from the Fitness Center.

Please make a copy for each individual interested in using the Fitness Center. Please be sure each person reads the Fitness Center Rules & Regulations and Waiver form so they are clear with the information and to assure a smooth access procedure.

  • Return to the Management Office (Suite 108) the fully signed application and waiver form.
  • Once the Security Department ┬áhas approved the application, it will be given to the security administrator for processing.
  • The security administrator will:
    • Set the individual up in the Fitness Center access system.
    • Write the access card number on the individual’s application.
  • The individual is to acknowledge they have received fitness center access on the application.
  • For each access card lost or stolen, there is a $10.00 replacement fee charge.

Please call with any questions or concerns at 202.347.5203.

Click here to download the Fitness Center Rules & Regulations and Waiver form (opens in new window).

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