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Freight Elevator

Two-and four-wheel dollies, carts or other conveyances (with exception of baby carriages and wheelchairs) are not allowed on passenger elevators at any time. Building security officers will prohibit such use in the passenger elevators. Packages, cartons or other items that can be carried by hand may be transported on passenger elevators.

Materials which can cause discomfort, inconvenience or damage the passenger elevators are not allowed even though they can be carried by hand (open paint cans is an example of such a material).

All dollies and conveyances of materials, supplies or equipment will enter the building through the loading dock and be transported on the service elevator. Deliveries on pallets are not allowed into the building. The delivery people will be allowed to bring their loads onto the loading dock platform and break apart the load and travel to and on the freight elevator with either a hand truck or small flatbed truck. If you normally receive deliveries of the size that require a pallet jack (large deliveries of paper stock, etc.) please inform your supplier of the requirement. If told ahead of time, they can schedule and staff accordingly.

The service (freight) elevator dimensions are as follows:

  • Door opening: 46 inches
  • Interior: 11 feet high, 5 feet wide, 8 feet deep
  • Capacity: 3,500 lbs.