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Moving Procedures

The relocation of your business to 400-444 North Capitol Street, N.W. is very important to us. To facilitate your move we recommend you review the following rules with your moving company prior to the day of your arrival.

Any movers who do not comply with the following rules will not be allowed to enter the premises or will be required to discontinue the move.

The following rules apply to moving furniture, equipment and supplies in or out of the building.

Clean Masonite sections, furnished by the mover, will be used as runners on all finished floor areas along the move route. The Masonite must be at least one-quarter inch thick, 4' x 8' sheets in elevator lobbies and corridors, and 32" sheets through doors and in tenant space. All sections of Masonite must be taped together to prohibit sliding.

All walls, door facings, elevator cabs and other areas along the move route will be inspected by the building management and moving company personnel before and after the move. The mover must provide and install protective coverings on all walls, door facings, elevator cabs and other areas that may be subject to damage.

Any damage to the building or fixtures caused by the move will, at the Landlord’s option, be repaired by or paid for by the moving company. It will be the tenant's responsibility to monitor their movers. The landlord shall not be liable for injury or damage to any person or property involved as a result of tenant deliveries or move-in.

Only the freight elevators will be used for the movement of furniture, equipment and supplies. The moving company must make arrangements with the Management Office for use of the elevators. A firm arrival time will be established. Any delays caused by late arrival will result in a charge to the moving company of $50.00 per hour.

In-House Moves

Once you have established your office at 400-444 North Capitol Street, N.W., we request that you continue to provide management with 48 hours’ notice prior to any large deliveries.

All office moves are required to take place after 6:00 p.m. during the week or at any time on weekends (depending on the elevator availability). A member of your staff must be present to direct the moving company.

Deliveries by office furniture companies can be scheduled only on weekdays between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. As the patrol service is on duty in the loading lock until 11:00 p.m., there will be no additional charge if the move is conducted during this time. However, if a building engineer is required to provide services beyond 8:00 p.m. on weekdays, a nominal service charge will be assessed to the tenant.

The moving company must carry insurance including, but not less than, the following:

  1. Worker's Compensation in statutory limits for the District of Columbia with Employer Liability of $1,000,000 Each Accident, $1,000,000 Disease – Policy Limit and $1,000,000 Disease – Each Employee and proof evidencing same shall be furnished to the building management before moving any items into the building.
  2. Comprehensive General Liability insurance policy shall include coverage for hazards of premises, operation, elevators, products and completed operations and including personal injury coverage part and contractual liability coverage part designating the assumptions of liability under performance of the act of moving. Such insurance shall be in limits no less than $3,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 in the aggregate (single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage). Property damage insurance shall be in broad form, including complete operations. Coverage shall name Landlord and Managing Agent as Additional Insureds.
  3. Business Auto Liability Insurance Policy shall provide minimum limits of $3,000,000 (Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage). Coverage shall name Landlord and Managing Agent as Additional Insureds
  4. Each moving company moving supplies, furniture, and/or equipment through this building shall secure and present to the building management Certificate of insurance reflecting these coverages 48 hours before the move takes place.
  5. In addition, the moving company shall indemnify and save the landlord harmless from and against all claims, demands and causes of action of every kind or character arising from any act or omission of the moving company or the moving company's employees or agents, on account of bodily injury, personal injury, death or damage to property in any way.

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