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Trash Removal

All cardboard boxes must be broken down flat and stacked flat in your space.  Write “trash” on items to be discarded, and the night cleaning crew will remove them for you each evening.

Disposal of furniture and large bulky items is the responsibility of the tenant. The building trash compactor is not capable of handling such items. Items are NOT to be left at the LOADING DOCK or in the PUBLIC CORRIDORS. Moving companies and furniture delivery companies must to remove any packing materials from the site of delivery.

If the packing material is made of wood or if the material is some other non-collapsible form, please have the delivery service remove it from your space or make arrangements with the Management Office for a special trash pick-up, at an additional charge to the tenant.

(Under no circumstances is trash of any sort to be left on the loading dock or in the hallways. Any tenant that does so will incur a charge of $300 per occurrence.)