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Bomb Threat

When a bomb threat is made over the telephone, obtain the following information from the caller:

  • Exact location of the device.
  • Time set for explosion.
  • Description of the device.
  • Reason the caller has placed the bomb.
  • Exact words used by the caller.
  • Keep this information as confidential as possible.
  • Notify the Police Department. Call 911.
  • Notify the Management Office at 202.347.5203.

Once the Management Office has been notified of a bomb threat, it is our policy to advise your firm’s manager or officer. It is up to the manager or officer to decide whether it is appropriate to evacuate the office.

In the event that you are asked to evacuate the building, move away from the building to allow for the clear passage of emergency personnel. Do not re-enter the Building until the Management Office, Police or Fire Department has given clearance.

Click here to download a telephone bomb threat checklist (opens in new window)