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Building Access
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A lobby attendant is on duty 24 hours a day and can be reached at 202.347.6017.  The lobby attendant will allow access into the building for people who have business in the building.  However, entry into tenant suites must be arranged directly by the tenant.  Representatives of building management and our security forces are not authorized to admit employees, guests, or workmen into tenant spaces.

Authorized building occupants must have an active building photo access card to gain access through the electronic turnstiles in the main lobby. The cards are electronically programmed for one specific individual only.  The access cards will be distributed initially at no charge.  A lost or stolen card will result in a $10.00 charge for replacement.

In order to gain access into the building from the shuttle elevators (located behind the security desk in the lobby), authorized building occupants should approach the electronic turnstiles on either end of the lobby and place their access card on the reader of the turnstile.  Authorized access will display green arrows on the turnstile and the person may proceed immediately through the turnstile.

To gain after-hours access into the building from the North Capitol Street plaza, proceed into the lobby through any of the three revolving doors and proceed to the turnstiles.

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