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Crime Prevention
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Lincoln Property Company wishes to take this opportunity to express its concern for our tenants and their employees regarding the various criminal activities to which each of us is exposed on a daily basis. Conditions encouraging criminal activities prevail in densely populated places, such as the greater metropolitan Washington area. As a result, persons residing and working here receive greater exposure to all types of potential criminal activity.

To reduce crime, emphasis must be placed on preventive rather than reactive measures. Preventive measures against office thefts, unauthorized activities, and crimes against persons can best be achieved through the individual efforts of tenants and their employees. To minimize incidents, it is important you establish and periodically review policies, procedures, rules and regulations as a means of preventing losses and identifying wrongdoing. All employees must understand the importance of their part in helping to ensure a more safe and secure working environment. With these thoughts in mind, we offer the attached guidelines for reducing the criminal's opportunity of selecting your business or employee as a victim.

Please note the building management does not provide security services to or for any tenant of 400-444 North Capitol Street. Contracts for security services are on behalf of the building owners for services in the public (common) areas only and for protection of their interests.

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