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Tenant Lock Out
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The following procedure is in the case of a tenant being locked out of their suite by leaving their key in their office or in a secured area of the building after-hours.

  1. The tenant is to go directly to security in the main lobby. Please note security does not possess any key to enter tenant spaces.
  2. Tenant is to notify security of the exact location of the keys with a description. Security will then complete the ‘Tenant Lock-Out Form’ (not the tenant).
  3. Security will then personally call and speak with the tenant contact and inform them of the situation.  The tenant contact is to provide permission for either the building engineer or the janitorial service representative to enter their space and retrieve the keys.  Should the above parties not be on-site, Security will request the tenant contact to personally come to the building and provide access to that person.
  4. Should the tenant contact not return security’s call within thirty (30) minutes, and the building engineer or the janitorial service are still on-site, security may contact the Assistant Property Manager of the building.
  5. The security representative will then notify a building engineer (if they are on duty) of the situation and provide the key location.  The engineer will then enter the tenant space (without the tenant) and deliver the keys to security in the main lobby.
  6. Should the engineers not be on duty but the janitorial service is still working in the building, Security will then attempt to locate the janitorial representative and inform them of the situation.  The Security Rover Guard will work with the janitorial service together and enter the space to locate the keys.  The Rover will then deliver the keys to the main desk for distribution.

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