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EnviroSolutions has developed a “Single-Stream” recycling program that maximizes recycling rates of existing waste streams while consolidating the waste services provided on site. In short, a synergy is achieved by utilizing a single container for recycling needs. It can be achieved in any size container ranging from a ½ yard traditional recycling container up to a 42 yard compaction unit. This streamlines the recycling effort and ensures that recycling contamination is a minor event rather than a major inconvenience. The commingled waste will then be delivered to an ESI designated processing facility where the materials can be effectively sorted and marketed to manufacturers throughout the world. EnviroSolutions will develop a customized program for your facility, based on the waste characterization, prevailing waste regulations and availability of waste processing facilities.

Single Stream Benefits

  • Minimal space requirement by reducing container quantity
  • Reduce labor and training expenditures
  • Eliminate contamination issues
  • Maximize landfill diversion rates

At the processing facility, materials are processed and recyclables are recovered……

Recyclable materials that are recovered include the following:

Cardboard Office Paper Newspapers
File Folders Computer Paper Aluminum
Glass Bottles & Gars Envelopes Magazines & Junk mail
Tin Cans Plastic Bottles #1- #7 Recycle Plastics
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