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Tenant Alterations

Lincoln Property Company has a full service contracting and maintenance division providing a range of services, from complete space build-outs to small alteration jobs. Prior to any work, demolition or construction (including plumbing, electrical and HVAC), each tenant must review and be in compliance with all of the Construction Rules and Regulations referenced below.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the Contractor Rules and Regulations (opens in new window).

Construction Rules and Regulations


All drawings, subcontractors/and materials must be approved through the Management Office prior to the start of construction. If requested, contractor is to give a list of contacts’ addresses and phone numbers for his or her company and for all subcontractors prior to commencement of work.


Prior to commencement of work, the contractor is to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the owner with the limits of liability as required in the Tenant Alterations Permission Form. Permits and licenses necessary for the onset of all work shall be secured and paid for by the contractor (s) with a copy provided to the Management Office.


Contractor shall establish a system for workers to sign in and out on a log sheet and to display badges at all times while in the building.

Workers will be allowed only on the floors/areas/suites where the work is being performed. The Management Office shall be provided with the name and phone number of the Superintendent. The Superintendent must be in the building anytime the crews are working.

No owner or tenant property may be removed without written approval from the Management Office.

Contractors will be bound by Building Security requirements that may develop during and/or due to the progress of the work.


All construction materials, tools and trash are to be transferred to and from the construction floor via the freight elevator. The freight elevators operate on automatic from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (exclusive of Holidays) and must be shared with other delivery personnel and tenants in the building. Elevator doors are not to be held or blocked open. From 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. the freight elevators are used by the cleaning crew. Contractors may schedule shared use with advance notice. Use of the freight elevators at all other times will require security to be on duty at the loading dock area (at the contractor’s expense). At no time shall the passenger elevators be used to move material, equipment, personnel, tools, or trash.


The loading dock is open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (exclusive of Building Holidays). Use of the loading dock at any other time requires at least 24-hour advance notice. The contractor is responsible for the expense of having security at the loading dock area during such time.


Any and all existing materials removed and not reused in the construction, except as directed by the Management Office, shall be disposed of by the Contractor as waste or unwanted material. Contractor shall keep areas outside the demised premises free at all times from waste material, rubbish and debris; contractor shall remove all waste material, rubbish and debris on a daily basis. The contractor is responsible for obtaining and scheduling its own trash pick-up. The building’s dumpster shall not be used for construction debris unless approved by the Management Office. Contractors/subcontractors are to use care and consideration for the other occupants, and guests in the building when using any public area, i.e., bathrooms, phones, etc.


Throughout the construction period contractor shall keep the construction area free of construction debris and trash, and keep the floor in broom-clean condition. Upon construction completion, the contractor shall remove all debris and surplus material and thoroughly clean the area. Trash area and loading dock is to be kept clean and in a sanitary condition at all times. The loading dock is not to be used to store materials and/or trash. It must be kept clear at all times to facilitate the normal flow of traffic in and out of the building.


The Contractor shall protect all walls, carpets, floors, furniture, and fixtures, and shall repair or replace damaged property without cost to the Management Office or the Landlord. Masonite (or plywood) must be placed as a walkway on the public corridors from the freight elevator to the construction site and to the Public Restrooms to protect the carpet from drywall dust, etc. Common area carpet between job site and elevators must be vacuumed daily.


Unless otherwise specified in the lease, water and electricity will be furnished in reasonable quantities for use in lighting, power tools, drinking water, water for testing, etc. On a case-by-case basis, these services may be billed back to the General Contractor or appropriate sub-contractor. The contractor shall make all connections, furnish any necessary extensions, and remove same upon completion of work.


Contractor shall notify the Management Office prior to commencement of extremely dusty work (sheet rock cutting, sanding, extensive brooming, etc.) so arrangements can be made to protect the filtering capacity on the affected HVAC equipment and fire alarm devices. Contractor shall pay to Landlord the cost to return the equipment to its proper condition.


Several tenants in the building broadcast "live" from the building at different times of the day and night. Please note the following schedule:

  • Due to tenant broadcasting requirements, there is to be no construction noise that will affect an “on-air” production during the hours of 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. each day – Monday through Friday AND Saturday and Sunday.
  • No core drilling, concrete slab cutting or excessive noise shall occur between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.
  • Planned live shot broadcast times will be provided to the General Contractor at least 24 hours in advance of any time during which the ”no noise” rule would be in effect.
  • The Management Office reserves the right to determine what construction work is considered inappropriate for normal business hours and takes appropriate action. Repeated violations of the noise regulations will result in expulsion from the building.
  • Set office hours are defined as between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Any other time shall be considered “after-hours”.
  • Any work requiring shutdown of any building system including but not limited to HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Alarm must be done on weekends, holidays, and/or outside set office hours. At no time during set office hours shall construction work prohibit or inconvenience normal operation of the building.
  • General Contractor must notify the Management Office of all after-hour construction activity. A list of all after-hours workers must be turned in by 3:00 p.m. for weekday work and by 11:00 a.m. on Thursday for weekend work. All construction workers arriving after hours Monday through Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and Building Holidays must sign in at the security desk. Any worker whose name has not been included on the list will not be admitted unless vouched for by a construction superintendent. All workers must wear nametags identifying themselves and the company that they work for whenever they are on the project.


When welding or soldering, the fire alarm system must be turned off. The contractor must schedule this operation with the Management Office. The Contractor is to provide certified “man -watch” (building patrol person) when the building fire alarm system is turned off.

The fire alarm may only be turned off by the approved certified “man-watch” and only after advance scheduling with the Management office.


The sprinkler may be turned off only while the sprinkler contractor is on site. The system must be reactivated and made operable daily before the sprinkler contractor leaves the building. The sprinkler system may only be turned off by an approved sprinkler contractor and only after scheduling with and approval by the Management Office.


Coordinate and schedule all work affecting plumbing or drainage with building engineer.


Any core drilling or penetrations through the slab must be X-rayed prior to commencement of work. Coordinate with the building engineer.


No parking is provided to contractors. Colonial Parking operates a garage in the building and parking may be arranged with them at the contractor’s expense. Colonial Parking may be reached at 202.295.8100. Deliveries are to be made at the loading dock. Deliveries shall be scheduled with the dockmaster. Trucks are to unload immediately and then leave the premises. NO PARKING IS PROVIDED AT LOADING DOCK.


All contractor and subcontractor laborers are to be members of their respective unions and licensed to do business in the District of Columbia. All electricians are to be class “A” cardholders. Class “R” cardholders are not permitted to work in the building. Construction personnel are not permitted to use any of the building maintenance equipment or supplies. Utility sinks are to be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, when used. Areas not under construction but affected by construction are to be protected at all times. Any areas, materials, or equipment damaged by the contractor or anyone working for or delivering to a contractor shall be restored to its original condition at no cost to the Management Office or Landlord.


  1. “MEBAR Realty Holding Trust, Lincoln Property Company, and all related entities” must be named as Additional Insureds to each policy (with the exception Worker’s Compensation), and on the Certificate of Insurance.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance is to be furnished evidencing insurance requirements and stating not less than thirty (30) days notification shall be given to Lincoln Property Company in the event of cancellation or material change in policies. (Accord forms must have the words “endeavor to” and “but failure to mail such notice shall impose no obligation or liability upon the company” deleted/crossed out with agent’s initials on the section entitled “CANCELLATION”).
  3. The Certificate of Insurance shall state “such policies are primary and any insurance carried by the Landlord and Lincoln Property Company is noncontributing with such policies.”
  4. Mail Certificate of Insurance to:
    Lincoln Property Company
    444 North Capitol Street
    Suite 108
    Washington, DC 20001
  7. If you have any questions about our requirements, please contact Michael A. App. CPM, FMA, at 202-347-5203. All incomplete or inadequate Certificates of Insurance will be returned to the contractor for correction and reissue.
Forms of Insurance Limits of Liability
Worker’s Compensation Statutory
Employer’s Liability $1,000,000 Each Accident
  $1,000,000 Disease – Policy Limit
  $1,000,000 Disease – Each Employee

The Contractor’s Liability Insurance

$3,000,000 Each Occurrence Bodily Injury and Property Damage
$5,000,000 General Aggregate
$3,000,000 Aggregate products - Completed Operations
$3,000,000 Personal Injury and Advertising
$100,000 Fire Legal Liability
$5,000 Medical expense

Coverage shall include Broad Form Contractual Liability.

Business Auto Liability shall provide minimum limits of $3,000,000 (Combined Single Limit for bodily injury and property damage.

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