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Property Removal

A property removal pass is required for any office equipment and/or furniture (‘property’) being removed from the building If a tenant, visitor, or delivery person attempts to remove property from the premises, the officer will request a property removal pass from that individual. 

The removal pass may be in the form of a standard pass or in a memorandum form on the tenant’s letterhead. The property pass should state the property being removed, by whom, the date and the approximate time this activity is to occur. The property pass is also to be signed as approved by the tenant contact. The security officer will verify the identity of the person by requesting to see a photo ID. 

If it is after business hours and there is no one to issue a property pass, security will call the tenant contact person for the office where the property originated. If the tenant contact authorizes the release of the property, security will note the same in their log and record the name, address, and social security or driver’s license number of the person removing the property.