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Mail Service

The United States Post Office (opens in new window) makes deliveries directly to your suite. Mail slots are located on each floor near the passenger elevators for outgoing mail. There are regular United States Post Office boxes, and various overnight company delivery service boxes located in the mailroom on the 1-C level of the North Tower (444) and a regular United States Post Office box in the South Tower (400).

We suggest incoming mail be addressed as follows to help expedite timely delivery of your mail:

John Doe
Company Name
400 or 444 North Capitol Street
Suite # Washington, DC 20001

The mail is picked up by the U.S. Postal service from the 1-C location each weekday. The pick-up hours are posted on the mailbox.

The nearest post office is located at the ground level of the old post office building at the corner of North Capitol Street, N.W. and Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Union Station also has a small Post Office on the main level.

For further information or service, we suggest that you contact the U.S. Post Office web site at www.usps.com (opens in new window).